Why CARING means more revenue

An age-old problem for sales is how to exceed revenue goals or quotas. How can you master that challenge, given the fast pace of business and the age-old problem of finding ways to keep your customer’s attention.
The answer is CARING, as in showing that you deeply care about your customers at a depth that your competition doesn’t. Stay with me here as I am going to show you the ‘infrastructure’ that can make this work. A key component is having a CARE PROGRAM that can foster a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both you and your customers.
Step One:
Find those customers who will allow you to care, as evidenced by allowing you to learn more about them. In other words, analyze your customers to determine if they qualify for your CARE PROGRAM. I call this “Wheat-and-Chaffing” in that you need to analyze your customers and determine those who are worthy and those who are not. You must decide who you will help, given that this program is not for everyone, as you will see below.
Step Two:
All of your prospects will fit into one of two buckets:
The Relationship Sale – This is where your CARE PROGRAM starts and where you’ll need to roll up your sleeves. You must find out two things from your buyer, assuming you know who the buyer is:
  • What is the buyer’s business goal, i.e. how do they win by choosing your product or service?
  • What is their personal goal, as in how do they benefit personally from choosing your offerings (assuming you are able to obtain this information)?
The Transactional Sale -Typically, this will be someone who only wants to buy something one time. They do not want a higher level of service and are not interested in a conversation about their long-term needs. Or, if they are a candidate for a longer-term relationship, it may be someone who is not yet ready for your CARE PROGRAM. Some of these customers may be high maintenance and not attractive for such a program or there is another reason that you have decided it’s preferable they remain transactional clients.
Step Three
This step will focus on the CARE PROGRAM itself since your transactional customers have engaged with you and moved on. Since you are sketching out this CARE PROGRAM based on what you have come to understand about the customer’s needs, you should be able to develop both short- and long-term wins for them. This will be the foundation of a plan that looks at a customer over time, with specific goals and outcomes. And, for you, more certain revenues.
The more customers that you can sign up for your CARE PROGRAM, the more you can begin to count on their revenue in your annual quota given greater confidence in the results of your efforts. This will offer a better chance of growing your revenue rather than simply matching past sales numbers. In other words, the more CARE PROGRAMs you have in place, the more growth potential you will have. Maximizing your repeat customers and minimizing churn are keys to growth.
Perhaps you should CARE more, and see what results it will produce!

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