Why won’t anyone talk about the looming job loss abyss? 1

That abyss is looming in front of you. It’s the real possibility that your event (or your company) is going away, never to come back. Is the industry about to get smaller? Some of you will be OK, but many of your jobs will not survive the downturn. I’ve seen a number of people in my LinkedIn feed alone, announcing they are looking for work.

It’s a subject that no one wants to address in public. But if this industry is going to thrive in the future, it must find a way to help those whom are now(or will be) unemployed. After all, none of us are exempt; it could be anyone who loses their job over this.

What to do if you are cut?

1) Please network, as you might be hired immediately if you know the right people.

2) Please find ways to create new value. Can you put butts in seats? Can you sell? Perhaps you can create new events? Or perhaps solve problems that generate savings?

3) Upskill your repertoire. What are you willing to learn to make yourself valuable?

4) Be flexible. The route to success may be in a different direction than you previously imagined.

5) Be prepared to leave the industry. You have many transferable skills that could be used elsewhere.

6) Consider starting your own business. Industries in transition often generate demand for new service providers with offerings that are not addressed by the incumbent, legacy firms. 

Questions to ask yourself:

1) Is my reputation good? If not, what do I need to repair it?

2) Am I willing to do what it takes to make the money needed to pay my bills?

3) Can I stay positive?

My own experience suggests that positive results can come from unfortunate beginnings. I was laid off the February following 9/11. Initially, I had no idea how to move forward nor in what direction I should go. Luckily, I had some accumulated savings and no major financial or family obligations. That afforded me the time to figure things out. I ended up with a job at a higher level than the one I had left – and in the events business.

You’ll survive, too.

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