I have been in the events business for 25 years and The Event Mechanic! has been in business for 10 years. As a conference, event and exhibitor management expert, I know the dynamics and the drivers of the events business – operations, attendee and sponsor sales, content development, marketing and new product launches in a variety of markets. I understand what works and what doesn’t in creating and maintaining market leading conferences and tradeshows.

– Warwick Davies

If your conference needs

  • Someone who can help you exceed event financial targets and build long term competitive advantage
  • Conference and tradeshow execution that you can trust
  • Guidance from someone who has managed world renown brands, serving hundreds of thousands of delegates and visitors, thousands of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Someone who can revive your lagging conference and trade shows

What I can do for your event

  • Identify event problems (low attendance, lackluster profits, brand misalignment)
  • Create cost-effective and successful event and conference solutions
  • Generate exhibit and sponsor sales
  • Drive market leading conference content development
  • Build experienced event teams with specialists who can fill gaps in existing resources
  • Run your conferences and events as General Manager
  • Launch a new event from scratch with a “fast start” model
  • Offer full-service, turn-key tradeshow and conference execution
  • Improve event profitability

Make your next event successful and profitable with The Event Mechanic!

This doesn’t mean you have to meet up with the individual or the individuals you are writing for affordable papers ahead.