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Should Your Events Marketing Team Have a More Strategic Role?  

As an attendee at last month’s Sam Lippman’s Attendee Acquisition Roundtable (AAR), I couldn’t help but notice the depth of insight to be found amongst marketing professionals within the events industry. Unlike salespeople, under most circumstances marketers often don’t readily divulge what they’re thinking. But once engaged, their perspectives are enlightening, reflecting both

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Is Passive Event Attendee Marketing Viable?

Certainly, attendee marketing which is more about messaging the same information frequently to a fixed internal list (what I would call Passive Marketing) has been employed successfully by many top events. Yet, doing this carries significant risks when external factors, such as aggressive competition or the market or wider economic conditions

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What Does an Exhibit Sales Manager Actually Sell?

The conventional notion is that exhibit sales managers peddle booth spaces and sponsorships. And that’s what shows on purchase orders. But insights from Stephen Pia, Dan McGrath, as well as the Freeman Trends Report Q2 2023, make it clear that the true business value of an event is in access to a

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How to Find New Attendees for Your Event

I recently attended the Attendee Acquisition Roundtable intending to continue my education in how to help my clients grow their attendee audiences. It’s clear to me that without a clear strategy as to how to find and engage new attendees, events will not reach their full potential.  Reflective of my own 30

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Are You Turning Your Employees into Zombies?

In the fast-paced, high-pressure world of modern workplaces, it is common for employees to feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, there is a concerning trend that is emerging in the corporate world – the danger of turning employees into zombies. No, we are not talking about the supernatural undead that seem

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