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Please Answer Your Exhibitor Calls for Enhanced Event Analytics

What’s with the exhibitor push for enhanced event analytics? Should event organizers ignore these demands? Given these questionsI thought it was high time to get some insights from an international analytics expert. Adam Malik has been my industry friend for many decades. He’s been with Clarion Events, Imago, and Reed Exhibitions

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5 Ways to Expand Your Attendee Acquisition Reach

One of the latest theories in event marketing is that a successful and profitable event requires doing your best to reach the Total Addressable Market (TAM). Your TAM is defined as the total reachable audience for your event, whether they are currently in your database or not. This means you need to

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Does Your Events Organization Need a Post-COVID Check-Up?

1)     Are you closer to your customers than you were in 2019? 2)     Are you closer to your staff than you were in 2019? 3)     Is your sales team firing on all cylinders? 4)     Have you raised prices, justified only by inflation? 5)     Are your customers still getting value for

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What is the Future of Digital forEvent Companies?

Our event industry has been riding a roller coaster since COVID’s impact began in March 2020. We’ve gone from having no face-to-face events – with almost total dependency on digital or virtual events – to the recent return to face-to-face events with little to no digital participation. Given that recent history,

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