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warwick davies Event Profitability Expert

I help businesses fix and organize their events for maximum success and profitability. I have 25 years of experience in the domestic and international conference and trade show business, including strategic, content development, marketing, operations, attendee and sponsorship sales.


I blend the behind the scenes knowledge that event organizers need to be effective and efficient, with a passion for serving clients and the clients’ customers. I pride myself in understanding markets and communities quickly and learning how to best utilize them to build revenues and profits.


I won’t just tell you what to do; I roll up my sleeves and help you do it—hence my company name The Event Mechanic!


I have had profit and loss responsibility for internationally known event properties such as: Macworld, LinuxWorld and the Customer Relationship Management Conference and Exposition. At IDG World Expo, I was responsible for managing three business teams- product management, product marketing and sales, resulting in $6 million and $7.4 million to the company’s bottom line profit, which was more than 75% of its total gross profit in 2004 and 2005 respectively.



Mission Statement

The Event Mechanic!s main focus is to improve the profitability and success of each of its customers events in an honest, ethical, results-driven and cost-effective manner. The company strives to make each of its client’s events become more customer-centric. I provide timely and actionable strategic advice to help companies increase profitability, attendance and branding objectives. The Event Mechanic! goes the “extra mile” with each of its clients to help turn around tough situations and build a path to well attended and profitable events.


Values Statement

I believe my first responsibility is to my clients, including readers of my articles, blog entries and views. In meeting customer needs, everything must be of the highest quality. The client must be serviced promptly, accurately and my behavior at all times must be of the highest integrity.

I will take initiative to solve problems and resolve to serve all of my customers in the manner that they want to be served. In addition, I will do my best to foster partnerships with customers and in the industry at large, and deliver value to both. I will be accountable for my actions. In developing products and services, I will improve and innovate continuously.


Vision Statement

My goal is to change the world of events by focusing on the needs of my customer and my customer’s customer.