Project Assistance Areas of Expertise


The Event Mechanic! specializes in helping clients build, nurture and maintain successful events. I offer “end-to-end” services, from specific functional project assistance, to comprehensive help. À la carte options are listed below. I offer specialized services, overall management of an event and customized event consulting.

ideabizusersI offer an integrated solution, which includes analysis of your event, recommendations for changes and enhancements and execution of a strategic plan through your event cycle.

Project Assistance

 Strategic Consulting

I can find the root of your event problems then design and implement an action plan that can rebuild attendance, revenues and profits.

 General Event Management

Need executive resources to steer the ship through the event cycle? I have a wealth of experience running events, generating revenue, building integrated marketing programs and pulling resources together for quantifiable and profitable results.

 Conference Content and Brand Development

I can help you develop hard-hitting conference content in multiple markets and give your brands an unstoppable competitive advantage.

 Revenue Generation and Business Development

I am a sales guy at heart. I have learned how to sell strategically and consistently through experience. My accounts have included Fortune 500 Companies such as: Apple, IBM, Siebel Systems (now Oracle), Microsoft and SAP… to small businesses watching every penny and hour of time. I build long-lasting, marketing partnerships to extend the reach of your events adding to the top and bottom lines.

 Start Up Event Assistance and Management

I have built and executed over 25 start-up events. I am trained in the industry famous DCI “Quick Launch Business Model” which has successfully launched all 25 events. Let me take that expertise and apply it to your event.


Areas of Expertise


If you don’t generate enough revenue, you are not going to make a profit. I can help you to close your toughest strategic prospects and/or:

  • Analyze why you are not hitting your numbers
  • Design a plan that will meet or exceed your present numbers
  • Recruit top notch sales experts
  • Train your current staff to reach the next performance level
  • Manage your sponsor sales team ensuring that they exceed their sales goals


The foundation of any event is a five-star team who can organize the logistics of any event big or small. I can help you:

  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of your current operations set up
  • Recommend how to make changes that will save you money
  • Recruit top-notch Event Operations experts to assist you so that your event runs as smooth as possible
  • Oversee the entire team through successful completion of your event, including the post-event, financial wrap up

 Product Development

If your content isn’t timely, relevant and hard hitting, it isn’t going to attract attendees or sponsors. I have personally developed the content for over 75 conference, trade show and seminar programs. I know what it takes to create valuable programming that will draw attendees and entice sponsors.

In addition, I can help you:

  • Research attendees, non-attendees and sponsors to make sure you are ‘hitting the mark” with your programming
  • Recommend appropriate, market specific programming enhancements
  • Recruit top conference producers that are world class thought leaders, including conference chairpersons
  • Manage the on-time production of market leading programming which receives enthusiastic support from attendees
  • Assist you in increasing conference revenues
  • Manage the entire process from beginning to end


Even if you have the right program, not knowing enough about your customers and prospects, especially their marketing preferences, could negatively affect your results. Having the right marketing plan and resources are therefore paramount to your success.

I can help you:

  • Design and implement a market research plan that is tailored to discover how you can increase your attendee retention, acquisition and revenue
  • Assist in fixing the holes in your current plan
  • Recruit top notch Event Marketing talent to craft and implement strategic and tactical marketing plans
  • Assist in the management of your marketing efforts
  • Analyze your event results

 New Event Launches

Successful companies grow their event business in two primary ways:

  1. Increasing the profits on current events
  2. Building new events

If you don’t know what you’re doing, new events can be very expensive. I trained in the “DCI New Event Launch Method” the industry standard in launching a conference or tradeshow. When starting an event, it is critical to do things in the right order and at the right time. If you are looking for assistance, I can help you:

    • Build a “proof of concept” before launch
    • Set up a preliminary budget
    • Build your database
    • Test market your event
    • Acquire financial backing from sponsors
    • Launch the event
    • Manage the new event from concept to completion
    • Analyze your event results and use them to improve future events