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Does Your Events Organization Need a Post-COVID Check-Up?

1)     Are you closer to your customers than you were in 2019? 2)     Are you closer to your staff than you were in 2019? 3)     Is your sales team firing on all cylinders? 4)     Have you raised prices, justified only by inflation? 5)     Are your customers still getting value for

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What is the Future of Digital forEvent Companies?

Our event industry has been riding a roller coaster since COVID’s impact began in March 2020. We’ve gone from having no face-to-face events – with almost total dependency on digital or virtual events – to the recent return to face-to-face events with little to no digital participation. Given that recent history,

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In What are the Characteristics of a Top 5% Event

I’ve had the fortune to run a world-renowned event – Macworld – and have managed several others that have come close to ranking amongst the upper echelon (the top 5%) of events. They are the types of events whose presence commanded attention – and attendance.   We are now experiencing

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How to Find – and Keep – the Best Salespeople

I am frequently asked if I know any great salespeople who would be interested in a new opportunity. Given the frequency of the question, I thought I would outline what I feel are the common elements for a successful effort to hire (and keep) a great salesperson. When speaking at

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How Finding Your Addressable Audience is the Difference for Success and Failure in Events: An Interview with Marketing Guru Shauna Peters

Since my March interview with Shauna Peters, vice president and marketing strategist for mdg, a Freeman Company, I’ve heard a lot about the ‘addressable audience,’ which I believe is a key concept that every event marketer needs to embrace to maximize their event attendance. Since a lot of the ‘buzz’ on this topic is coming

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