Should You Raise Exhibitor Prices?

Every event manager wants to make more money from their events. There are two ways to get there on the exhibit side: attracting more exhibitors or raising the prices that you charge them. Since it is easier to make money by raising exhibit fees than finding new customers, increasing prices is often the more attractive […]

Who Determines Event Attendee Quality? (Hint: It’s not the Organizer)

Attendee quality for any event is determined by its exhibitors and the results they get from your events. Despite the often grandiose exhibitor prospectuses that promote demographics as to how great their audiences will be, the real news is that exhibitors have become increasingly unhappy with the ROI they get from our events. According to the Freeman […]

Avoiding Event Killers

Perhaps an odd title, as well as an odd subject. But if I can help you avoid the fatal mistakes – the event killers – that are within your control, everyone wins. Here they are, as well as how to avoid them. 1) Allocating too little time between an event’s announcement and when it takes […]

The Pros and Cons of Embracing Differing Opinions

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses must continuously seek ways to gain a competitive edge and foster innovation. One key factor that can significantly impact a company’s success is the composition of its workforce. While there is often a tendency to hire individuals who align closely with an organization’s values, beliefs, and processes, the […]

Should You Launch an Event in Under 9 Months?

Recently I was ruminating about a conversation I had many years ago with Vinnie Polito at SISO in Cleveland. At the time, I was in the midst of a client launch and sought marketing support. I also wanted his general take on the do’s and don’ts of fast launches. Vinnie’s philosophy was much more adventurous than mine, […]

Don’t Risk Eliminating Your Sales Rainmakers

It makes sense to trim the fat when trying to increase your profits. But ensure that is what you are trimming. Here are two cautionary tales of how not to do it. Let me first state that I am a profit-focused businessperson. As an example, I will not launch a new event unless I can […]

Are Events in Trouble?

I had the opportunity to attend the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF) a few weeks ago in Washington DC. Many of the sessions got me thinking about whether we need to go further in adapting to the needs of our customers in order to avoid future drops in attendance and revenue. According to The Freeman […]

Launching an Event in an Era of Higher Risk

Much of what I do is launching events. During the COVID pandemic, that part of my business died; you could not run an event even if you wanted. Now, there is even more market trepidation than ever about event launches, with additional costs and risks apparent. Hotels have increased their food and beverage pricing. Data […]

What do Exhibitors Want from Your Event?

The discussion with Adam Malik in my last article prompted me to think further about what exhibitors want from our events. they are primarily looking for leads that they can convert into customers. What are the quantifiable event metrics and other beneficial aspects that are strongly correlated with achieving that goal? Some of these reference points are […]

Please Answer Your Exhibitor Calls for Enhanced Event Analytics

What’s with the exhibitor push for enhanced event analytics? Should event organizers ignore these demands? Given these questionsI thought it was high time to get some insights from an international analytics expert. Adam Malik has been my industry friend for many decades. He’s been with Clarion Events, Imago, and Reed Exhibitions (now RX), in addition to […]