How to start again from rock bottom

For me “rock bottom” was deciding to leave an unsatisfying job with no position waiting to replace it, at the same time as I went through a divorce and also had knee surgery that prematurely ended my beloved avocation of soccer.
Though the confluence of those events was a foundation shaker for sure, the experiences have helped me come to understand the mechanics of having to rebuild from square one. That, in turn, has guided me in developing a construct that I have since used over and over for efforts like building my own consulting business. Here are the eleven components:
1) Believe in yourself. 
You’re not going to achieve much unless you believe that you can. That starts with having an inner fire or confidence. When I decided to build The Event Mechanic! I had no idea how I would get it to succeed, but small successes created greater and greater confidence that I would. 

2) Have a goal. 
Have an ultimate goal toward which you are working, though the exact nature of that goal may not be fully clear when you embark on your rebuild. Get excited – and prepare to excite others – so they can help you.

3) Surround yourself with experts to help.
In addition to following your own inner voice, make friends with people who have the expertise to help you in areas where you lack the skills or experience. And don’t be selfish; make it worth their while to help you. Look to build long terms relationships that will help sustain you when things get tough. And they will….

4) Have a plan.
Once you have started to forge ahead, begin to establish milestones and measuring points that serve as your interim goals. For example, it could be that as of January 2021 you need to be making this amount of income, have this number of Facebook connections, etc. Ensure your plan also includes specific actions that you will take daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

5) Work hard.
Nothing worth having is acquired easily. This means you’ll need to prepare to forego certain things in order to achieve your goals, as well as work longer, harder and better than anyone else. Be willing to make the sacrifices needed.

6) Review and kill the things that aren’t working.
As you move forward, make sure you are paying attention to what’s working and what isn’t. Do more of the former, less of the latter, and fix those things that need to be fixed.

7) Revel in your success.
Once you’ve hit a goal, celebrate the achievement, particularly with the people who helped you get there.


8) Learn from your failure.
Maybe you’ve failed completely. Get excited as it may mean that you are much closer to succeeding, as you know what doesn’t work. Start over again. Whatever doesn’t kill just makes you stronger.

9) Offer to teach/help others.
Once you’ve become an expert, offer your help to others who are making similar efforts. Ensure your efforts with others are worth it and are not distractions from your own exertions.

10) Reward your helpers.
Make sure that anyone who has helped you feels it was worthwhile to provide the assistance. Sometimes just offering to help your helpers is enough compensation.

11) Start again.
This is how serial entrepreneurs are created. Those with less fear in trying new things are the innovators of the future.
Let’s get (re)started.

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