A Vision of Your Perfect Customer

Here’s a task for you. Close your eyes and imagine who your perfect customer is.
  1. What’s their gender?
  2. What’s their age?
  3. What’s their style of dress?
  4. What’s their job title?
  5. What are their various responsibilities?
  6. What keeps them up at night?
Congratulations, you have just developed a target persona of your best customer!
Now, here are some more tactical questions for you:
  1. How are you addressing the concerns of that “best customer” at your event?
  2. Do you know how to program content to make the connection with them to address those concerns?
  3. Are you successfully making that connection with your communications?
  4. Is your understanding of above based upon a gut feeling or is it data-driven? Or is it both?

You probably have a ‘gut’ understanding of who your customers are. That understanding probably has not been confirmed with real data or you’ve run spreadsheets but never actually spoken with an actual customer to verify that you’re on the mark with your thinking. Merging behavioral information with actual detailed profiles helps marketers better serve not only current attendees better, but also clearly identify future prospects. Furthermore, having all of the composite information at your fingertips will accelerate the likelihood of getting the right message to the right individuals at the right time to create buyers.

But before you get to develop these actions, you need to start with some simple questions, as I suggested at the beginning. Those questions are the first stage in the outreach and conversion activities that will create your best customers. And they are the foundation to identifying those who are most likely to become your customers of the future.

So close your eyes and get started…..

Thanks to Shauna Peters at mdg for the help in crystalizing my thoughts on this. She can be reached at shauna@mdg.agency if you need help taking your first steps on building or executing marketing plans based on target personas.

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