Be a master of the possible

When putting together an events team, the person I’ve always wanted to have as a member is the one who would respond ‘you got it!’ to any request. In pondering the reason why, I realized that such a response communicated that any request was possible, even if the ‘how’ [it would get done] might be unknown.


In other words, the person who answered positively would find a way to get the task done no matter how much it would stretch – or stress – them. Either they were overly optimistic or they were confident they could figure it out and somehow make the desired outcome happen.


We all should make ‘you got it’ a more frequent response to the requests made of us, as we can do far more than we think. And wouldn’t you like to project a vision of possibility to your colleagues rather than convey negativity? Keep in mind that people who request things of you believe that you can do it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked.


The problem with executing this philosophy is that most of us are focused on what we can’t do (or haven’t done), not what we can. And that focus tends to color how we respond to new challenges. But why choose to be permanently associated with past experiences where we may have missed the mark or fallen short of a forecast?


Do you want to change? Here’s some homework if you’re ready to embrace that effort:

  1. Clear your mind so that the next time someone comes up with a new idea, you don’t dismiss it out of hand. Try to see if you can make the idea work – and be enthusiastic about it.
  2. Make it known that you are open to new ideas.
  3. Ensure you do at least one positive thing every day.
  4. Be proactive about addressing issues that have gone unattended.
  5. Say something nice to someone, attributing it in your mind to doing this homework.
  6. Try saying ‘you got it!’ daily in response to something, without knowing how you’re going to get it done.


Try this for a week and see what happens.


You are more capable than you think.

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