How do marketers find you?

One of a marketer’s biggest responsibilities is coming up with the strategy and tactics that will successfully reach a targeted audience. It’s often a daunting task and there are times when it can seem impossible unless you’ve done it before.

If you’re stymied in your efforts, consider a different way to approach the challenge. Why not flip the project on its head and analyze how marketers reach you effectively (meaning you are happy to be contacted and act on their messages), both as a representative of a business (B2B) and as a consumer (B2C)?

Perhaps the B2C perspective is easier to determine. What are the things that get you, as a consumer, to try something new? Often, successful attempts originate with something that you already know so they have a context that is recognizable. Or they carry a recommendation from someone you know and reflect the implicit endorsement from a source you trust. That’s the underlying principle behind Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Research has shown that positive referrals from existing customers are a strong predictor of success for a product or service because those referrals help remove uncertainty in the minds of the prospect.

But what about B2B? In truth, it’s not that different. Positive responses to B2B marketing are typically triggered because:

1) There’s a need for which you’re seeking a solution;
2) You look to colleagues for their insight and advice;
3) Perhaps you are enthralled by a targeted ad, or
4) You get a well-timed and well-written outreach that empathizes with your need.
5) The message proposes a solution that makes sense, works within your budget, and will not waste your time. 
6) Last of all, and perhaps most importantly, you believe the message.

Does that progression sound familiar? The reality is that your prospects are not dissimilar from you in that they want to solve problems. And they’ll respond favorably to offers that inspire confidence in achieving that goal. And, I suspect, that the greater that confidence the quicker they’ll respond and the less price-sensitive they’ll be. 

Marketing succeeds when the recipient “gets” the message. Frequently, the best answer to a marketing challenge is to put yourself in your target’s shoes and figure out what it would take for you to “get it.” 

Can you do it?

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