How do you become courageous?

Perhaps you already consider yourself courageous and thus not in need of any help to become so. Or perhaps you thought you once were courageous, but no longer are. Or maybe you consider yourself courageous at certain times, but other times not.
Here are my suggested steps to take to become courageous (again)
1)     Take Responsibility
In many ways, you are partially responsible for the plight in which you find yourself. If you prepared well and have the financial resources to sail through this situation, then you have planned as you should. If you lack those resources, then you’ll need to take steps to extricate from this situation. But the good thing about responsibility is that you’re the one who can take the steps needed. So, take heart in that.
2)     Have Short Term, Middle Term, and Long-Term Goals
I wrote about this in my last article in terms of the event industry. I believe that author Brian Tracy once noted that only 3% of those who aspire to success have established written goals for themselves. If you haven’t yet done so, now’s the time to evaluate the direction of your life, affirm that direction, and make tactical plans for getting there.
3)     Vent
You are being challenged like never before, and you’re not a robot. Take the time to react – whether it be anger or anguish – then move on to take action.
4)     Connect with the People Who are Getting Things Done
Perhaps you’ve heard the expression that we are the average of our five closest friends. Are those people the models for who you’d like to be? If not, then get some new friends, ones of which you can be proud. Success breeds success.
5)     Be Grateful
When down, it can be hard to remember the great things in our lives and realize that, despite everything, most of us have more creature comforts than any other time in history. You’ve got great friends, a great job, kids, and in many ways, you are very lucky. Never forget this.
6)     Be Good to Yourself
Get enough sleep and eat correctly. Walk or run around the block daily. Take some time off from the striving. Make sure you take the time to do nothing and recharge.
7)     Trust your Gut
As we get older, our intuition becomes very attuned to what’s happening and how best to respond, even absent supporting metrics and in the midst of uncertainty. Go with it!
8)     Practice Courage
Try the new things that you’ve wanted to do. Let it be one new thing a day, building that that approach into a ritual. Keep it going and you’ll find yourself becoming successful.
Two things that I’ve avoided mentioning are fear and communication. If fear leads to paralysis, then I’d consider it the opposite of courage. But there are more than enough things in the world in which we live that are worthy of fear and not to be ignored. But let not awareness preclude acting.
As for communication, it’s omitted for a reason. I am sick of the talk about doing things that lack the next steps. We must do things, and we need role models who get things done rather than merely talking about it. The best models are silent examples, not the talkers. Yes, I get that I am writing (talking) to you now, but trust me I am doing more acting than writing!
So, don’t be a talker, and don’t talk about being courageous- just do it.
I’m there with you. If we are indeed walking a tightrope, now’s the time to look forward, not down.

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