What being underestimated means for your career

Are you underestimated? Well, there’s both good news and bad news.

First, let’s address the bad:

Your personal marketing probably stinks – It means that no one knows you well enough in terms of who you are and what you can deliver. Either you haven’t got a network that is singing your praises or you, yourself, haven’t been doing it enough. This is a long-term project that must be addressed if you have the aspiration for a more ambitious role. Take on high profile projects, volunteer, or do other things that will shine a light on your capabilities.

Now for the good news:

Get excited because you are about to exceed expectations – If you are underestimated it’s likely that you’ll be able to outperform whatever presumptions others have of you. I believe that under-promoters often are more genuine and frequently more valuable than self-promoters and if an under-performer is discovered, they’ll prove to be real gems. So, if that person is you, you are positioned to do great things, surpassing the assumptions that others may have. Just believe in yourself and seek the spotlight through what you do and what you say.

As has been said, it’s both the product and the product’s marketing that are what get stuff sold. In this situation, if your marketing is lacking – but the product (you) is strong – the situation is better than you think.

Make it happen!

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