Tips for a Successful 2021

Let’s assume that 2021 will be better than 2020 for all of us. Here are my tips to ensure it will be as good as it can be:
1)     Take responsibility.
As noted in my last post, there are many opportunities to blame other people or external factors for what’s happened. The way to move forward is to take responsibility for the things you can control and chart a course for yourself, regardless of what’s going on. Do the best with what you have.
2)     Take educated risks.
If you’ve survived this long, then what you are doing has no doubt gained the trust and goodwill of your stakeholders, staff, and customers. Now, while you have that supportive goodwill, is the time to add something new to your offerings. Pressure makes diamonds and you may find that this process helps discover valuable new offerings.
3)     Trust someone new.
During tough times, the tendency is to hunker down with colleagues that you already know. I suggest that you reach outside of your comfort zone. Start a partnership with someone new. As a society, we need to build and [re]build relationships. That means starting with a foundation of trust that gives others the benefit of the doubt, rather than anticipating that the other party will try to screw us.
4)     Help someone else.
Things might be bad for you, but they may be worse for others. Use the extra time that the lack of travel has granted to you and reach out to offer assistance to someone else. Whether the aid is substantial or seemingly inconsequential, the assistance – perhaps just the offer – will be beneficial.
5)     Plan for things as they are, rather than how you’d like them to be.
Let’s not make plans based upon assumptions that are too optimistic. Notwithstanding some successful recent examples, such as Connect Marketplace or SuperPetExpo,  the execution of face-to-face events will be difficult until herd immunity is reached. We all want to hope for the best, but let’s plan and execute based upon what we know we can do, rather than what we might be able to do.
If you follow these tips, I believe it will catalyze your success and build a real foundation for getting back to business.
Good luck!

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